A Software Development Should Learn Latest Technology Or Stick To One And Expert In The Same

A Software Developer Should Learn Latest Technology or Stick to One and Expert in Same.

In this growing world, there is rapid development and evolution of Software technologies, so it is essential for all Software developers to keep you updated and aware of all the names and features. Who knows what your client wants from you?

But at the same time making yourself an expert in your field is also needed to give improvement & star to your position because everyone wants to be called a real expert in their field.


So now the question comes what should be the priority of every ambitious and passionate Software Developer?

Guys! Don’t forget everything is possible and if you really want to achieve higher goals you can develop both skills equally.

Have you ever heard about T-shaped skills? During job recruitment, a T-shaped candidate is often the ideal hire and always in the first priority because a vertical line of the T-shape skill represents the depth of expertise in a field whereas the horizontal line represents the breadth of knowledge he is aware of.

What I think is the best strategy for a software engineer would be to learn T-Skill (T-shaped skills). The concept of T-shaped skill in persons is an analogy used in job recruitment to describe the abilities of a candidate in his working subject. The vertical bar on the T-shape represents a depth of knowledge in subjective skills and how much they are experts in a single field; while the horizontal bar shows the ability to collaborate across disciplines with experts in other areas and grasp the knowledge in areas of expertise other than own ones.

A mix of both the skills at required intervals is needed because of two facts:

  1. Technology will continue to change and evolve day by day.
  2. Everyone will demand experts in the required technology.

So following the T-Shaped skill strategy, a software developer or an ambitious person can widen his skill horizon by learning many new technologies so that he

can effectively and confidently contribute to any project that uses that technology and also can understand, share their views in the different aspects of a complex project. For a software engineer, an end -to end skill is very effective. Whereas he should learn in-depth in at least one skill that can become the strong point of contact for that technology and attract leads finding you reliable who is working in that technology. Thus he can add core values to the organization he is currently working with, thus not only benefiting the organization but benefiting himself climbing an organizational ladder as well.

Another feature one has to keep in mind that he has to adopt the new trend of “learn -unlearn and relearn” philosophy if he wants to grow (Learn, Unlearn and Relearn: How to Stay Current and Get Ahead). These three terms essentially mean whatever he is skilled in; he has to continuously update himself with the latest development in that specific domain. It is different from T-Shaped skill in the view of an application. The t-shaped skillset is to broaden the expertise, whereas “learn -unlearn and relearn” refers to re-evaluating the depth of the skill time to time to address the changes needed.

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